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Welcome to my creative outlet and favorite place on the internet.

To me, this blog feels like home. That's how I want it to feel to you, too. Inviting and warm, a place you can count on for inspiration, somewhere you can go to find the perfect recipe or cocktail to share with loved ones. 

I love entertaining. I show my love through food; feeding my friends and family and making them try my latest cocktail recipe or craving. I love bringing people together through good food, better drinks, and easy entertaining. I hope to inspire all of you to do the same. 

Hey there, I'm Kirsten!

foodie, Dog Mom, craft cocktail lover, wife

Creating, eating, laughing and sharing.

Ever since becoming a pescatarian, I've learned that I love to be in the kitchen. 

I love brainstorming ideas for cocktails, putting together a large grazing board for a crowd to enjoy and converse over or recreating a delicious appetizer that I want everyone I know to try. Now-a-days, I basically show up to holidays and gatherings with a large tray full of food and a signature drink specific to that event! Keep that in mind if you ever invite me to something (haha). 

I wanted a place where I could share all of this with more than just my friends and family, thus, this blog was born. So, read, learn, be inspired, try new things, new recipes, new cocktails and spend time enjoying life surrounded by good food, even better drinks and the people you love most.

Thanks for being here and joining my food family!

with laughs, hugs & Cheers,