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Take a Moment: an Ode To Spring

March 22, 2023

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Welcome to my lifestyle blog dedicated to good food, better drinks, easy entertaining ideas and laid-back living. 

Sharing a cocktail, hosting a party with good friends, trying new recipes, making memories over a thoughtfully laid out grazing board; these are the moments I love to live and share with others.

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Hey, I'm Kirsten

Flowers on trees are starting to bloom, birds are singing every morning and the soft breeze in the air lets us know that spring is here once again. For many, Spring is a time of new beginnings. Sowing new seeds in both the ground and in your life. Decluttering from another year here and gone, and maybe even still reorganizing and finally putting those holiday items back into storage (guilty).

Spring lets us know that “hey, here’s a fresh start”– a chance to once again start new.

This could be incorporating new habits that you want to have, taking a leap of faith on your career or trying to help new and old relationships grow.

While happiness and hopefulness is in the air, sometimes Spring can also bring about anxiety, fear or even bouts of depression. I know this can be true for me. Spring brings a sense of urgency to be productive and make things bloom, which often leaves me feeling a bit anxious. Change and new beginnings are scary.

Excitement for these new beginnings can live hand in hand with fear and anxiety. And I’m here to tell you it’s okay if you’re having mixed feelings as the new season arrives.

That’s why I’ve decided this season’s theme for the blog is all about taking a moment.

Take a Moment to Breathe In Spring

Take a moment to breathe. Notice the trees blooming, smell the freshly cut lawns and listen to the outdoor sounds of new life. Watch as baby bunnies emerge from their holes to join the world. Listen to where your heart is at. Know you don’t have to do it all at once, that you can form new habits and new beginnings at a steady pace as we head towards Summer.

Take a moment to bake with Spring flavors, to have a picnic with good friends in the finally nice weather, to organize that closet that has been busting at the seams, to form a new habit, to clean the porches and patios and enjoy all that Spring has to offer.

Take Spring one day at a time with an open mind and an optimism for what is here, what’s to come and all that can blossom in this new season.

This Spring on the blog, I’m going to be sharing ways to take a moment enjoying Spring including making yummy cocktails using ingredients from your own garden like this Cucumber Jalapeño Garden Gin and Tonic, simple recipes using fresh Springtime fruits and veggies, tips for forming healthy habits (for me that means actually using the Tempo Move I purchased for the new year) and fun ways to entertain while enjoying the nicer weather.

I’ll be sharing links to this post throughout the season, so feel free to bookmark this post or pin it for later, so it can serve as your Spring guide!

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pring is in the air and this seasons theme for the blog is all about taking a moment to breathe it in. Take a Moment: an Ode To Spring | kirstenturk.com

Let me know in the comments below how you plan to take a moment to celebrate Spring this season!

Spring is in the air and this seasons theme for the blog is all about taking a moment to breathe it in. Take a Moment: an Ode To Spring | kirstenturk.com

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easy large batch rum punch inspired by the turks and caicos
simple lychee martini

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